What I’m currently doing…

Hello, everyone!

2018 has been showing me how my life is changing.

I’m living a particularly tough situation at home so my head is always full of thoughts and I don’t seem to have time to think about myself anymore. Also it was a very cold winter here where I live so my cloudy self couldn’t keep up with energy!!!

However, as spring is finally here -almost – I came back to my senses a little bit. As I’m writing this I’m looking at my desk where I keep my notebook full of plans and things I need to change for me to feel better.

That said I’m going to make a list I want to share with those of you who are so kind to stay with me for all this time – short in terms of how many posts I wrote,ndr.

I’m not limiting myself on just a few things. I want my blog to be as openminded as possible. I’ll talk about every single thing that I am passionate about. From beauty to travels, from education to religion. Keep in minf that whatever I’ll post would be my only opinion. You can agree with me or not, and that’s fine. 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day!






Today I wanted to share with you something I have been following for a while now. As I already said in this post that I’ve been inspired by the korean lifestyle which made me think about changing a few bad habits I have. Taking care of my skin for example. I watched some videos on Youtube and looked on Pinterest which one was a good routine to follow, and everything suggested to follow pretty much the same skincare routine.

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Meet Maya.

This is not a sponsored post.

Hi, everybody!
BRIEF INTRO: I’m going to talk about periods. It takes a big role in females lives (yes, animals included). We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about a topic so present yet so “underrated” as periods are because without periods there would never be life.
Every single one of us walks on Earth because of periods!
Hi, I’m a female and yes, I have periods every month and with it, the pain, the stress, the breakouts on my face and so on. The only thing I’ve always been happy about is the fact that my periods are precise, until few months back. After exactly 10 years it started getting irregular and more painful but, as it is a natural thing, I’ve accepted the change.
I used for a couple of weeks an app for tracking it called “Love Cycles”. It was an app that keeps you updated on your cycle. However, as my cycle was regular at that time I didn’t find it useful, so I uninstalled it.
A month ago I received an email like this by the company that created ittelling me that the app has changed, starting by the name, MAYA.
Maya by Love Cycle is the cutest app for tracking periods.
But it doesn’t just tell you when they’ll arrive but keeps you updated on different status like your flow, symptoms, weight, emotions and “safety” (the time where we can risk pregnancy).
It starts with a few questions about you like name, age and regularity.
Every week has a different colour that is explained in the “colour codes“.
Each day has its own diary-like page note where you can add everything you want like your symptoms, how you feel and some notes.
For example, on the 9th of August I had updated my symptoms, weight and flow.
I felt really crap that day as you can see.
I love this app so much. Everything is so pastel and it is just pleasant.
So I’ve been keeping track of everything for a week and I am so fascinated about how I never realised the power something so natural has.
Periods are such a inexplicable and complex thing that changes a woman so much, physically and mostly psychologically.
However the most amazing thing about Maya is that every single day teaches you something. At the end of the “diary-note” there is a little space called “Today’s Tip” where it is included everything period related and not.
It may be sound gross to think about but we have to remember that it is all natural and we should never be ashamed of our nature.
Thanks Love Cycle for let me to know more about my body!
If you want you can download it for free on
I’m proud to be a girl.

July Favorites 2016

What happened this July:

  • I broke up with my boyfriend.
  • I stayed away from home and it felt so good.
  • I started focusing more on my passions.



For the last 4 weeks I’ve been wearing a black cap and really enjoyed it. Never took a selfie with it, tho. As it is a really old one I can’t remember the brand, but on Amazon you can find something similar. (I wore a winter version in my FIRST POST )


Cap related is hair. The hot weather can’t let me style my hair the way I like the most because, you know, MOIST! So I style it with braids or low ponytails. Are they still the trend of 2016?



Everyone always tells me how big my eyes are, so I’ve tried to focus  on them as I do my makeup. Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow Palette in 010  and Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 030 from CATRICE. Baked Eyeshadow in Velvet MATTE N.02 from WJCON Cosmetics.


I’ve said in THIS blog that my skin changed into oily, so since July I’ve been trying the Collagenil Purifying Cleanser everyday and I’ve seen some good results so I highly recommend it.



You can say whatever you want but I’ve been obsessed with MERLIN since the first time I watched it ages ago. I love everything history related, so medieval settings and handsome characters with irony..well, I fell in love. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT.


Am I the only one who love Kanye West’s new song “FAMOUS“? REALLY?  And what about Rihanna’s “SLEDGEHAMMER “? It’s so good. Although seeing her without her eyebrows is kinda weird.


Even though this little space I have on WordPress is my home and Youtube is life, I have been obsessed with 2 other platforms: PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM. Everyone there is GOALS. You’ll see my Pinterest covered in Home Decor, Fashion and raccoons. I love raccoons! And on IG I spend all the time looking at pics and fanart of my beautiful tall bean. Seriously, he is amazing and he uploaded a story like snapchat days ago and I freaked out. Yes, I’m that mad.

Last but not least…


  • TAPE PARADE is a perfectly written blog where Laila posts about everything from her vegan lifestyle to what happens during Brexit and I can say I cried while reading those posts. You are English, not matter what that man who spat on you thinks. You deserve everything good that’s on earth. Thanks for inspiring me!
  • SIMPLY,ME is good for your soul. If you have a mental illness or want to know more about them and how it affects people then that’s the place. I learnt so much and know I’m not the only one.
  • GIPSY HIKER thanks for giving me the opportunity to see places I don’t know if I’d be able to visit myself. Also I’m so jealous of your posting schedule. I spend days procrastinating about what I’d like to post next and you post so many in a day. GOOD FOR YOU!


And that’s my July Favourites. I’ve always wanted to do one and if you liked it please go check all the links and my social media.

“SEE” you in 10 years! haha… I should stop procrastinating too much. I’m 21, dammit!



My Hair Story

When I wrote this I was enjoying my day far from home. YAY!

Tuesday was MOIST. No wind, no rain. And when the temperature is over 30, I can’t function. So did my hair. You know, I’ve always thought of my hair as the reflection of my soul.

I’m not shy, neither very outgoing. But when it’s time to express my feelings, I panic. I feel embarassed, anxious, so I tend to repress everything deep inside so I can still feel safe around people. Although, I’ve realised I’ve always transferred those emotions onto my hair. Whenever something changes, it changes. I reunited all my “hair-moments” in a chronological order so please keep reading.



When I was around 12 my parents got separated and everything was going not too good. And what did I do?  I’ve started to get bored of my brown hair and wanted to “fix” it so I asked my mom if I could get some highlights. And from that day, I’ve never stopped.


God, I look totally different. And awful I’m so sorry. In the pic above I was 14 rocking those Adidas shoes.

I spent 2 years in high school until I realised it wasn’t the one for me so I changed it. I was more into learning languages then taking care of people, but I still remember what I learnt.


Changing school was really putting me out of my comfort zone. I still can’t believe I actually did it.  The new school was amazing -apart from a scary teacher-. My classmates were all nice and funny and they let me feel comfortable since the very beginning. THANK YOU GUYS.

I became close friends with a girl I called Momo, yes I love nicknames, and we started loving new music, people etc. We both loved muse and from that it goes to us loving way too much the old “Andy Sixx” who is now married. It was the start of my Emo Phase. Everybody has it, right? Right? So I dyed my hair almost black and freaking loved it.


When I was 17 I started to do whatever was in my mind. I cut my hair so it would look as I had extensions but it was my real hair- I know it’s stupid-. I did balayage, highlights, dye, bleach and so many different colours. I had blue hair at my 18th Bday! Not really classic, am I right?


After finishing high school I took a gap year to think what I wanted to do with my life and so many things happened…so many things. Bad relationships, family drama and the list goes on. As my state of my was completely f****d up at the time I wanted to change again by going blonde. And I mean, KIMKMALFOY blonde. Pale olive skin and platinum hair? Nope, they don’t match at all.

So I did ombre hair. For three years.


And now they pretty much look like this.


And now I’m going to uni. FINALLY! So I need to dye my hair again and I think copper highlights will be amazing. I kinda had it a while ago..


Do you have your own personal way to express yourself? Let me know and also leave a like if you liked it! Tell me in the comments if you want me to talk about something in particular.

I’ll regret posting my teen photos but it’s for your enjoyment.

You’re welcome.Stefania.

Summer Survival Kit |South Italy

Hello, there!

How have you been recently?  Did you have a really nice weekend? I did not. South Italy is the worst place to live during summer. Seriously guys, it’s a nightmare.

I know what you might think… What? Don’t you like living in a place where the average temperature is 32°C? Well, if you’re from a very cold place like Alaska than yeah, it may seem like heaven. However, if you live near the sea in the south of Italy.. then it is real hell -at least this is my opinion-.

It is way too hot to function. And I am constantly moist. Not in a sexual way, tho.


Fortunately I live 20 minutes far from the sea. But when I don’t go to the beach – which is 90% of the time- there’s only one thing that makes me feel at ease:



What you need is:


1. Books: mine is Marzia’s ‘Dream House’

2. Nude Bag: always needed because it goes with everything.

3. Headphones: Panasonic Red Headphones to watch my favorite Youtubers like I did in my “Valentine’s day post”

4. Pastel Aesthetic. Everyone loves pastel, right?

5. Smoothies and Watermelon.

Smoothie:-1 banana
-almond drink
-vanilla yoghurt

AND…… beds on the floor!


What do you use to keep on going during summer?

Let me know in the comments!

A really sweaty, Stefania.

Do I Really Look Like Marzia?

Hi, everybody!

Yesterday I was having kind of a meh day so I decided to go on Tumblr to tear myself up. It worked. Maybe it scared me a little bit – there is a lot of trash down there. I’ve always imagined Tumblr as a dark underground area full of people reunited under the same level of weirdness. And I love it.

Basically I was looking at old conversations under the smiley face-button and saw an old one I had ages ago. The first thing they said was THIS.


I actually don’t know if it was a lame pick up line, but still. I appreciated it. I didn’t take that seriously and moved on back then, but when I saw it again, months later, I started thinking.


Probably not. Let’s be real guys. Also, look alike doesn’t mean EXACT DOUBLE.

One question, tho. Do you even know who she is? WELL…


Pic from her Instagram account.


Marzia Bisognin is a Youtuber. She is probably one of the most creative one on Youtube and happily many people realized that because she is very successful. And she deserves it. Her channel includes so many different contents like beauty, travel, fashion, diy ideas and the list goes on.

What I really like about her is how she manages to turn something so common like makeup tutorials in creative themed pieces of art. She is just amazing.

Back to the question: Do I really look like her? Physically I don’t see that much resemblance BUT we have a lot of things in common, maybe too many. In a positive way tho. And I wanted to share them with you.




WE HAVE DOGS. (Mine’s pretty much the same age as Maya).




WE HAVE OILY SKIN (skin buddies..yey… That is not nice).




There is always a but. Or a butt. It depends.

She lives in England, my favourite country in the entire world. (Yeah, I know about Brexit but let me dream, okay?) So let’s pretend I do look like her. Let me tell you something. Be compared to someone so cute, respectful and creative can just makes me SO HAPPY. So Thank You mister anon.

Do you like Marzia? If you didn’t know her, then go subscribe to her Youtube Channel .YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE, MY FRIEND.

She has also a Blog that is just so beautiful to look at. And a BOOK which it’s also amazing. Yes, I AM FANGIRLING A LOT NOW. Fight me.

I have an Italian copy.

From a Youtube obsessed fake Marzia’s lookalike loser.


The Importance Of Writing



Right now, where everything is moving way too fast in the world, nobody has time to sit for a bit and write down on a piece of paper what’s on their mind – unless you’re a blogger-.

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Guess who’s back?
Back again?
ME! Finally!


I missed writing on this little space of mine!
I left months ago telling you guys about the problems I had with my laptop . Well, RIP. He died. Good old Frank, thanks for helping me throughout all these nearly 10 years.
I’ve bought another beauty, though -still haven’t named it yet- so now I’ll be free to post posts (?) again.
However, so many things have changed during these months. When I started writing on my blog my life wasn’t as rose as I should have been. It was a bloody mess, I was a bloody mess, physically and emotionally. And after my computer died everything got so much worse. I started feeling sad, tired all the time and not in the mood to live life as we all should. And it was so bad that it affected my social life and my health -mind and body- . I’m sorry if this sounds boring but i need to write it down, just to remember myself not to make the same mistake TWICE.
At the beginning of May, though things started to change. So, I somehow managed to get out of the “cage” I locked myself in and started to feel better. After a lot of thinking I came up with the idea of discovering something new and letting behind all of the things that had brought negativity to me. It turned out to be the best way to discover what I am really passionate about and who I truly am.
These things include:
I’ve never felt so much in love with fashion before, thought it was a superficial way to hide insecurities and stuff. But now, I understand what it means to me. All the colours, patterns, textures and styles have all a different meaning and helps me to express not only my preferences but how I feel too.
I had a few moments these months that I looked like a compulsive overeating person, seriously. I started eating every hour and one day I ate 5 sandwiches, apart from all the other meal. Even my stepdad looked at me eating a sandwich 20 minutes after a full South Italian style lunch and said “You disgust me.” I got it, really bad. So I made some research about consequences of an unhealthy diet and I was so scared that I put all the junk food in the bin and started eating healthier.
When I say care, I mean treat myself better than I did in the past. At the beginning of the year I started seeing too many spots and breakouts on my face, mostly on my T zone. Apparently my dry skin changed into oily and have become really sensitive. Even my body changed. I’m 21 years old and have always been pretty thin (I weigh 48 kg and I’m 5’5) but now i look skinny with fat thighs: a DISASTER. This led me to change my crappy skincare routine and start working out. And drink water.
Not many hobbies changed. I’m still a nerdy internet obsessed. I spend way too much time on the internet and I love it. However how I spend this time has changed. 60% of the time I’m watching Youtube videos –Dan is still my beautiful bean, don’t worry- and i started finding inspiring the most creative girl in my opinion: Marzia Bisognin. I was a huge fan of her for a while (I bought her book in Italian last year) but never appreciate enough what she shares with us. I feel very connected with how she thinks and her personality and I highly suggest you to go check her out. She has also a beautiful blog here on WordPress called “Marziaslife“.
The other 40% of the time I’m on Pinterest, which I’m enjoying so much atm, Instagram and people’s blogs. I’m such a curious freak who has to know everything so I don’t have a particular thing that I like searching, reading – and writing about- .
After this loooong kind of psychological declaration – if you’ve read it then you are amazing, my friend – I want to thank you so much for sharing a part of your time with me and make sure to follow me because I’M BACK with some new things I’m so excited to share with you. A fresh new adventure is starting and I’ll be happy if you’ll be by my side.
What are the things that remove the negativity from you?
Let me know in the comments!
Treat yourself, Stefania.